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eyebrows, meets the fine art of permanent cosmetics.   



Amy Andrews is a fully qualified and experienced permanent makeup technician. After completing training in 2016 at Dermace Academy, she has been focussed on creating and perfecting her bespoke permanent eyebrow treatments.  Amy is visual, artistic, and possesses a very keen eye for eyebrows specifically. With a previous conventional tattoo apprenticeship, makeup artistry training from London College of Fashion and advanced permanent makeup training by the best in the industry, you can rest assured that you'll receive her close attention and informed advice. Amy will advise you to the best of her ability, but you always have the final say over the look of your permanent brows. 


The first step to take if you are considering having your eyebrows enhanced by cosmetic tattooing is to contact Amy to chat about your brow history, brow goals and decide what technique would be best for you. Then you will require a patch test, which can be sent by post or in person at listed locations. 


After the patch test, Amy can book the first of the two sessions required for your permanent brows to be completed. Price is inclusive of your booking deposit, first and second session as well as aftercare.


During your first session, Amy will apply topical anaesthetic, mix a custom pigment for you and measure and pencil your brows. The drawing will work with your bone structure and natural hair growth , adding improvements, corrections and working together to achieve your desired shape. Amy will then apply either an ombre powder effect or hairstroke technique with a gentle machine method to create a natural looking, softly defined appearance to the brows. Please allow 3 - 4 hours for the first session.


The second session involves going over your brow pigment again to fill any areas where the pigment may have healed lighter and making any adjustments required. Please allow 1 - 1.5 hours for this session.  


Ombre brows typically last 2-3 years.  Top ups required after 1 year are available at a discounted rate for existing clients. 

Brow & Forever uses only the highest quality equipment, disposable materials and pigments, is BBP certified and registered with the local council.

Kindly note: not everyone is suitable for permanent cosmetics and Amy reserves the right to decline any work that may be unsuitable.

Amy is available for appointments at;
16-17 Montpellier walk
GL50 1SD
273 Lodge Causeway 
BS16 3RA
To book, call/text 07411926277 or e-mail info@amyandrewsspmu.com
Ombre Powder or Hairstroke Brows: £250


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